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We make and sell traditional fete game attractions. Our fete games are perfect for event hirers, PTA groups, fetes, fayres, schools, residential homes, church groups, councils, home use, fundraising events... Click Here To Contact Us   

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Tin Can Alley Game

From £20.00

12Pk Coconut Balls

From £30.00

Pick a Lolly Stand

From £55.00

Coconut Base Feet

From £55.00

Coconut Base

From £90.00

Hoopla Frame Game

From £150.00

Cactus Lasso Stand

From £150.00

Coconut Shy

From £150.00

Table Quoits Game

From £275.00

Roller Ball Game

From £295.00

Cactus Lasso Pair

From £300.00

Roll-a-Coin Game

From £325.00

Score Ball Game

From £350.00

Hook a Duck Std

From £400.00

Milk The Cow Game

From £495.00