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Here at Midland Leisure Sales we sell spare parts and accessories for most of our product items on our website for Side Stall Games, Fete Games, Garden Games, Storage Bags, Balls, Counters and lots more.  Click Here To Contact Us 

Sometimes game parts/items get damaged, lost or misplaced, so being able to buy spare parts/replacement parts/damaged parts is just perfect and also saves you money with not having to buy the whole complete game again.

British made traditional fete and fun fair side stall games hire and sales in Bilston, Wolverhampton, Walsall, West Midlands and the UK

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Rat (SP-RAT)

From £5.50

Foam Bat (SP-BAT)

From £7.00

Pack 3 Balls (SP-B3)

From £8.00

Rat & Bat Set (SPRB)

From £12.00

Turkey (SP-Turkey)

From £15.00

Rope Hoops (SP-RH)

From £25.00

Hook a Duck Rods 4Pk

From £30.00

Ducks 10PK

From £125.00